Out of Sight ≠ Out of Mind

5 Easy Ways To Boost Employee Wellness

Working from home during the pandemic is far from the traditional sense of remote working. When not given a choice, the natural tendency is to feel trapped and disgruntled. From there, a downward emotional spiral could be triggered, and without prompt attention from coworkers or HR, it can leave employees feeling unappreciated, neglected and burned out.

During this period of change and uncertainty, taking good care of the emotional wellbeing of your employees is more important than ever.

Here are 5 simple & fun ideas for you to increase employee happiness.

1. Care Package

May it be a gourmet meal, or an afternoon delight like bubble tea or ice cream, there are a myriad of delivery options for every budget. It is the thought that counts.

Wine and cheese care package

(My favourite delivery during the pandemic!)

2. Virtual Parties

Lockdown does not mean doing away with fun. In fact, parties can now have as many participants as your conferencing tool permits (and often less expensive with reduced spending on catering). Apart from birthday celebrations, get your team together for a virtual happy hour, wine tasting, book club, pictionary, game night, yoga and more! This is the perfect opportunity for team bonding — no one can excuse themselves because of traffic or the location being too far away.

Entertaining team photo op ideas

See The Smart Local post for entertaining team photo op ideas.

3. Gamify Meetings

For the next conference call, how about a little competition on who has the best outfit or background? Just as one needs to spice things up to keep the flame of romance alive, we also need to put in extra effort to maintain the spirit of camaraderie.

4. Workshop & Training

Employee recognition is particularly crucial at remote work settings. There is a genuine fear of “losing out” because your supervisor does not see you working. On top of conducting regular 1-on-1s, empower your employees by giving them showcase opportunities. You will be pleasantly surprised by the hidden talents and eloquent presenters within the company.

5. Keeping Social Interactions Real

Research shows that small talk has a positive impact on our emotional wellbeing. Managers can facilitate micro-interactions by starting the meeting early to allow for casual bantering, or schedule randomised video calls with tools like Snack & Donut. Social serendipity enhances innovation & collaboration, and helps to instil an inclusive work culture. While nobody misses office gossip and other distractions, as social creatures we need these spontaneous encounters — may it be at our desks, in the pantry, along the corridor, or virtually.

Randomly match with your coworkers for Snack-sized video calls!

Randomly match with your coworkers for Snack-sized video calls!

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