• What are Snacks? 🍪

    Snacks are time-restricted video conversations with icebreakers.

  • How does Snack work?

    Snack pairs two randomly selected people to have a short video call.

    View step by step guide.

  • How to start Snack Time?

    Use /snack command and select "Snack Now!" option.

  • How to extend Snack?

    Participants take turns to extend the duration of their Snack by clicking on the "Add x minutes" button at the lower-left hand corner of the video.

    Extend Snack

    Taking turns to extend Snack time ensures that one person never controls Snack duration for extended time.

  • How to schedule a recurring Snack Time?

    Use /snack command to access Snack Event Settings → Snack Time Schedule.

    Tip: If your team is spread across multiple time zones 🌍🌏🌎, then we suggest to schedule multiple Snack Times, e.g., one for everyone's lunch hours in different time zones.

  • How to invite Snack to a Slack channel?

    You can invite Snack to one of your existing channels (like #general) by using /snack command in that channel.

    Private channels are different. To invite Snack to a private channel, use /invite @Snack command.

  • What problem is Snack solving?

    We fight remote fatigue – the feeling of isolation that leads to sadness.

    Snack is popular among organizations that care about improving their remote team engagement.

    Snack is also used as a networking or icebreaker tool during conferences and other online events.

    See our mission.

  • Why are conversations time-restricted?

    Snack emulates serendipitous encounters. We believe that limiting the time keeps the interactions attentive & human.

  • What happens when an odd number of people join Snack Time?

    Snack randomly pairs 2 people to have 1-to-1 video conversation. When there is an odd number of participants, one person will not be able to have a Snack for that instance.

    But fear not, being the "odd one out" has its perks! We will prioritize matching you with a Snack Buddy in your next Snack Time.

    You may also volunteer to be a Tiebreaker.

  • What is A/B group pairing?

    Snack prioritizes pairing participants who have selected similar interests in their profiles.

    Depending on your use case, you could change the pairing mechanism to A/B group pairing instead. This means that participants who have identified themselves as Group A will only be paired with Group B participants.

    Admins will define the metrics for Group A vs Group B (e.g. Mentor vs Mentee, Speaker vs Attendee, Employee vs HR, Newcomer vs Team, etc). Participants will select the group that best describes themselves, and they will be matched with participants from the opposite group.

    This feature is available only in Snack Enterprise.

  • What are Tiebreakers?

    Tiebreakers skip Snack Time where there is an odd number of participants. Their function is to ensure that everyone always has a Snack Buddy.

    Anyone can volunteer to be a Tiebreaker by updating their Snack Profile. However, this feature is designed to be used by community managers.

    This feature is available only in Snack Pro and Snack Enterprise.

  • What Participation Reports are available?

    Participation Report consists of:

    • Daily Participation Report
    • Camaraderie Report
    • Leaderboard
    • Snack Duration

    This feature is available only in Snack Enterprise.

  • How is Snack different from Donut?

    Snack and Donut are both Slack bots that pair people. However, they differ in when, how and what happens after people are matched.

    See a detailed comparison of Snack vs Donut.