• What are Snacks? #

    Snacks are spontaneous, time-restricted video conversations with ice-breakers.

  • How does Snack work? #

    Snack regularly pairs two randomly selected people in the #snack-club channel to have a short video call.

    View step by step guide to using Snack.

  • How to participate? #

    Join #snack-club channel. You'll receive an invitation when it's time to snack.

  • What are Snack Times? #

    Snack Time is how Snack pairs people to have conversations. They can be scheduled and they can be initiated spontaneously.

    Snack Time starts with the Snack bot announcing it to the channel:

    1. 1. Snack bot messages the channel – “It is Snack Time! Who is available?”
    2. 2. People respond with "Yes! 🤩” or "No 😞”.
    3. 3. Bot sends a message "Someone just joined Snack Time!” when anyone accepts.
    4. 4. We pair those who accepted invitations and start snacks. 🎉
  • What problem is Snack solving? #

    We fight remote fatigue – the feeling of being disconnected which in turn leads to sadness and often intense sadness (i.e., depression).

    Snacks create an opportunity to have regular conversations with everyone in the team. Snacks are the building blocks of meaningful relationships in your team.

    See our mission.

  • Why are conversations time-restricted? #

    We believe that limiting time is essential to make snacks attentive and the time with colleagues more engaging & human.

  • When does Snack invite people to snack? #

    Slack workspace admins control the start time of snacks. Users in the Snack-enabled channels receive an invitation to snack 30 minutes before the Snack Time.

    To change the Snack Time, type /snack command in the channel that you wish to configure, and select the "Configure Channel" option.

  • Why was my invitation late? #

    Invitations are sent in batches. The first batch is sent to 20% of Slack channel users 30 minutes before the Snack Time. More invitations are sent after a few minutes. Everyone in the channel are invited within the first 10 minutes.

    Sending invitations in batches allows us to hype up users by letting them know how many people have already accepted invitations to participate.

  • How to configure multiple Snack channels? #

    As a Slack workspace admin, you can configure multiple channels to use Snack.

    To configure a new Slack channel, invite Snack to the channel (/invite @snack), type /snack command and select "Configure Channel" option.

  • What happens when an odd number of people join Snack Time? #

    Snack pairs people to have 1-to-1 video conversation. When an odd number of people participate in a Snack Time, then one of them is not going to be matched. However, when they attend again, we will prioritize matching them over others, to ensure that the same person does not get left behind multiple times in a row.

  • How much does Snack cost? #

    Snack is free to use for an unlimited number of people.

    Snack subscription is needed only if you require more settings, analytics or want to use Snack in multiple channels, i.e. paid version gives you engagement metrics, granular controls over scheduling, and allows you to connect different groups of people at different times across multiple channels.

    See our pricing.

  • How is Snack different from Donut? #

    Snack and Donut are both Slack bots that pair people. However, they differ in when, how and what happens after people are matched. We have written a detail comparison of Snack vs Donut.

  • Who uses Snack? #

    Over 500 Slack organizations are using Snack, including UpWork, Giphy, Stanford, Dell, and Target. Snack is becoming increasingly popular among organizations that employ people remotely and as a way to connect during conferences and other online events.

  • Who is behind Snack? #

    See our team.

  • What is the reason Snack requires X permission? #

  • What data does Snack store? #