• What is a "snack"? #

    Snack is a Slack bot. Snack (the bot) uses word "snack" to describe spontaneous, time-restricted video conversations with ice-breakers.

  • How does Snack work? #

    Snack matches two random people in Slack #snack-club channel to have a short video call. The call is time-restricted and includes ice-breakers. Matching is based on your activity on Slack, your timezone and your interests.

  • What is the reason conversations are time-restricted? #

    We believe that having a time limit reduces anxiety for people who want to have a spontaneous conversation. If the conversation is not going smoothly, you will spend at most the amount of time that you have committed. On the other hand, if you do enjoy the conversation, nothing stops you from following up after your snack has ended.

  • When does Snack invite people to snack? #

    Invitations to snack are sent only to users present in the #snack-club channel at the interval configured in their profiles (default: not more often than every 6 hours). However, there are several other conditions that need to be met for invitations to be sent, e.g. there must be at least 10 users active in the #snack-club channel. Furthermore, snack time invitations are only sent at 20 minutes to the top of the hour, e.g. 1:40PM, 2:40PM, etc.

    The goal of this matching design is to identify when users are likely taking a break and when there is a likely another user to talk to.

  • How much does Snack cost? #

    Snack is free and will remain free for forseeable future. See our pricing for further details.

  • Where is Snack demo? #

    If you want to test Snack before installing, join our community.

  • How to schedule a reminder to Snack? #

    Use Slack native reminders.

  • How is Snack different from Donut? #

    Snack and Donut are both Slack bots that pair people. However, they differ in when, how and what happens after people are matched. We have written a detail comparison of Snack vs Donut.

  • Who uses Snack? #

    Over 400 Slack organizations are using Snack, including organizations such as Giphy, Stanford, University of California, Dell, Target and HP. Snack is becoming increasingly popular as a way to connect during conferences and other online events.

  • Is it possible to change or disable interests? #

    Yes. Contact support.

  • Is it possible to change or disable ice-breaker questions? #

    Yes. Contact support.

  • What is the reason Snack requires X permission? #

  • What data does Snack store? #