Snack Mission

Our mission is to create a remote work culture without compromising on anything that a physical office has to offer.


  • We build team cohesion through regular interactions.
  • We make highly distributed teams engaged and collaborative.

Snack is built to address the biggest problems associated with remote work:

  • lacking support of and relationships with co-workers
  • not feeling seen or rewarded
  • feeling social isolation

These problems do not exist when working in an office, but they become very real when working from home.

There is a real cost in not addressing these problems. If you ask employees in an office environment, what do they like the most and what will they miss when they leave, they will 9 times out of 10 say "the people". With remote workers, it is very difficult to replicate that environment and create those bonds.

We believe that all of these problems can be addressed by recreating the serendipitous interactions that happen in an office, and we are building a virtual space that enables those spontaneous interactions.