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  • 5 minute Snack limit?
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Pricing is based on the number of Active Snack Users per month:

  • 1-99 Active Snack Users: $49
  • $50 for each additional 100 Active Snack Users.

Example: If you have 3,000 Slack users and 200 of them are Active Snack Users, your bill for that month will be USD 99.

Active Snack Users

Active Snack User is someone who participates in Snack at least once in the current billing period.

Active Snack User is not the same as the number of users in your Slack workspace or the number of users in #snack-club. You may have thousands of users in your Slack workspace, but you are only going to be billed for users that are actively using Snack.


Billed monthly. No annual commitment.