#snack-club channel

This is where are all the snacks take place!


  • Snacks are spontaneous video conversations with ice-breakers.
  • People opt-in by joining #snack-club channel.
  • Invitations to snack are sent every day 30 minutes before the snack time.
  • Snack times are configured by the Slack workspace admins.

When you add Snack to your Slack organization, it creates #snack-club channel.

Everyone who joins #snack-club is invited to have video conversations with somebody (you don't know who) in your team during the snack times.

Who you are matched with depends on your mutual interests and who you've recently matched with. However, you don't know with whom you matched until before the snack starts.

Snack is a time-restricted video call with ice-breakers.

After the snack we ask you if you enjoyed the conversation with each other. If you did, we prioritize snacks between you in the future.

Snack is about creating opportunities for you to take a break and make friends with your team. We hope you enjoy it.

Learn about the Snack Mission.