Snack is developed by Gajus Kuizinas and operated by Tracy Chen.

We have been working remotely and managing distributed teams for the majority of our professional lives.

There are definitely benefits to remote work. We love that it enables us to work from anywhere in the world. However, there are major downsides.

Virtually everyone who work from home experience loneliness and it impacts our productivity and health. It is even worse if you are a solo entrepreneur – the sense of isolation is overwhelming.

We firmly believe that loneliness originates from the lack of serendipitous interactions with coworkers. People working in offices have by chance interactions with like minded peers that lead to relationships and innovation. Working from home deprives of those interactions and forces us to search for them or go back to the office.

Snack's mission is to make remote work as sociable experience as going to the office. And we are going to do it by creating a virtual space to experience the same serendipitous interactions that happen in office.

If you believe in our vision, then join the team.